pure oxygen higher than 98%

The experience of a spa treatment for hair and scalp.

MYVEGOXI technology that amplifies the beneficial effects of MYVEG treatments thanks to the action of 98% pure oxygen.

Brighter and healthier hair with immediate relief to the scalp.

MYVEGOXI uses the ambient air to produce oxygen at a very high concentration and increases the ability of the hair and skin to use and promote the absorption of oxygen.

The results are visible from the very first treatment and they will be consolidated in the following ones.

Results will increase during the sessions and a high degree of stability is achieved over time.

Intervention areas
Technology and nature combined with MYVEG treatments for new wellness rituals

MYVEGOXI visually improves the beauty of the stem and the health of the skin with immediate and extraordinary results, thanks to the anti-aging, illuminating and revitalizing benefits of oxygen therapy combined with MYVEG cosmetic treatments.
MYVEG in synergy with MYVEGOXI has studied new sensory rituals for moments of psychophysical well-being while treating skin and / or hair anomalies and imperfections.

How does MYVEGOXI work?

It is a compact device that concentrates and filters the oxygen in the surrounding air. The result is a guaranteed 98% pure oxygen that is emitted in a concentrated and compressed manner. MYVEGOXI technology, in combination with MYVEG treatments allows a quick and effective conveyance of the treatment and amplifies the action of the plants’ active ingredients contained in all MYVEG products.

What happens to the skin and hair thanks to MYVEGOXI?

MYVEGOXI allows a stimulation of the microcirculation and a correct oxygenation of the skin. It has a detoxifying action on skin and hair, removes smog and dirt particles, and repositions the scales of the stem, giving brighter, healthier, and more full-bodied hair. Fights the imperfections caused by aging (chrono aging and photoaging).

Benefits on scalp and hair
Volume and density
Pure oxygen on the hair seals the cuticles and reduces the porosity of the stem keeping keratin and mineral salts inside. It immediately gives brightness, body, and strength to the hair.
Sensoriality and relaxation
Thanks to MYVEG active plant ingredients conveyed with oxygen and specific gestures, you will experience a relaxing and harmonizing feeling during the treatment of skin and hair.
Reduction of hair loss
Pure oxygen stimulates and increases blood flow and cell renewal, counteracting hair loss and promoting the regrowth of voluminous and healthy hair.
Holistic and regenerating rituals
Effective rituals inspired by naturopathy with a holistic approach for the well-being of skin and hair.

MYVEGOXI counteracts skin and hair imperfections by providing psychophysical well-being with a combined and personalized method in symbiosis. Thanks to the natural energy of MYVEG plant active ingredients you will experience a sensory and emotional journey.

Spa rituals to relax, pamper and bring well-being to body and mind in full respect of the physiology and the real needs of skin and hair.

Some of the MYVEGOXI sensory rituals and specific sensory paths, which counteract every single imperfection in a natural and effective way with the synergy of MYVEG products. For healthy scalp and soft, shiny hair that is deeply hydrated and vital:

when science and nature meet in a beauty experience
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