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maximum lift while maintaining the hair's natural shine and integrity

Candy Bleach
The CANDY BLEACH lightening treatment has been especially developed to be kind to hair and allow professional stylists to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends.

This non-volatile no-dust powder formula contains kaolin (white clay) and natural sugar polymers (inulin), and is enriched with maize proteins and Laminaria digitata algae.
The blend of functional ingredients replenishes vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

This technical product delivers up to 9 levels of lift and is suitable for all lightening techniques. It does not leave hair dry or dull-looking but protects and conditions it deep down.

The high-adherence formula ensures that dust does not disperse in the air, for a safe bleaching service that delivers professional results.

With gradual and controlled delivery, it provides maximum hair protection and lifts hair up to ZERO COLOUR.
It does not swell or drip and maintains the correct level of moisture during application. It is also perfect for cosmetic colour removal services.
The product is packaged in paper and aluminium food grade packaging.

cross-sectional view
Capello naturale

Unbleached, natural hair

Capello trattato con Candy Bleach

Hair bleached with CANDY BLEACH

Capello trattato con decpolorante tradizionale

Hair bleached with traditional bleach

How is it used?
1:2 Mixing ratio.

To be mixed with WHITE OXICREAM liquid developer 10, 20, 30 or 40 Vol., selecting the volume of peroxide based on the desired level of lift and hair type.

Leave on for 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the desired level of lift.

The processing time can also vary depending on the starting base and the hair structure. On completing the bleaching service, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Exclusive formula for professional use.

Candy Bleach
Functional substances
Polimeri di Zuccheri Naturali
Natural sugar polymers

Natural sugar polymers protect the hair shaft, reducing the risk of damaging and weakening the hair structure.
They improve the hair structure and restore its elasticity.
Sugar polymers also soften, hydrate and condition the hair shaft.

Argilla Bianca
White clay

Naturally rich in highly absorbable mineral salts, white clay is known for its beneficial effects on hair and scalp.
Its protective and decongestant properties make it especially useful for sensitive scalps.

Laminaria digitata algae

Laminaria digitata algae is a superfood with a very high mineral salt, trace minerals, vitamin (A, B1, B2, C, D, E) and amino acid content. These substances help keep the hair fibre healthy. It prevents damage during technical services, while remineralising and strengthening hair.

Maize proteins

Maize proteins contain amino acids similar to those that make up our hair, which is why they inject the hair shaft with strength, volume and shine. The maize proteins in the CANDY BLEACH formula help rebuild protein bonds, protecting hair from the stress of technical treatments, increasing its mechanical strength and making it more supple.
They deliver the deep hydration needed to reduce frizz.

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