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Celebrate your Wellbeing, Enhance your Beauty, Return to Nature

Why vital cosmetics?

Nature provides us with the resources to create functional and effective cosmetics, without the need to alter them by adding synthetic ingredients. This, however, can only be achieved by following seasonality, respecting balsamic periods and using expert extraction methods to release the properties and effectiveness of the plant active ingredients.

Organic plant water is the basis of all SEREMONY formulas: an immediate benefit for hair and scalp directly from nature.

So as to ensure functional and compatible cosmetics, all plant and natural extracts are food grade and listed in the O.P. (Official Pharmacopoeia). Cosmetics with a high concentration of phytoactives are alive and active: they communicate with the body while creating a balance between natural beauty and an immediate sensation of wellbeing.

All SEREMONY products are multi-tasking and synergic.

This allows us to create dynamic, personalised treatments for every customer.

SEREMONY is more than a line of vital cosmetics with an extremely high active ingredient content, it is a treatment system for both hair and scalp that involves all the sensory organs.

Our self-certification

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100% natural


100% ecological


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Exclusive extraction
and transformation

Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Botanical Extracts

Ultrasound-assisted extraction is an innovative bio-natural technology, which extracts the plant’s active ingredients through the mechanical action of ultrasound on the plant cell walls. We use vitalized spring water to allow the ultrasound wave to propagate to the plant cell walls.
It is an eco-sustainable cold-pressing process that rapidly extracts all the plant’s functional active ingredients.


Whole and Absolute Essential Oils

All essential oils are cold-pressed, without the use of alcohol and solvents. This ecological process takes place in a closed circuit. This makes it possible to extract all the components of the olfactory pyramid: head, heart and base notes. Essential oils are thus obtained, complete with fragrances and oils packed with unique functional ingredients that bring harmony of body and mind.


Micronized Botanical Concentrates

Medicinal plants are dried at temperatures below 29°C, immediately after harvesting, to preserve the integrity of the cell membrane without altering the plant complex.


Organic Plant Water

Plant low temperature drying technology allows the water in the plant’s constituent tissues to be instantly collected. Organic water contains all the energy as well as the “memory” of the plant that generated it. Organic plant water is the base ingredient of all SEREMONY formulas.

SEREMONY products rigorously comply with HACCP procedures and UNI-EN ISO 9001 standards
To ensure that hair and scalp receive an injection of healthy nourishment, we devote the same care and attention to preparing cosmetics that contain food grade ingredients as we do to preparing herbal teas or supplements.
Functional ingredient

We are committed to carefully selecting high quality raw materials in line with cutting-edge scientific research, drawing on age-old herbalist tradition. Our formulas are packed with Mediterranean and locally-grown plants. When we come across an interesting organoleptic profile, we use specific exotic extracts such as fair trade, craft and controlled supply chain green tea, Argan oil and shea butter.

Pure and effective powerful botanical extracts will help you rediscover your beauty, in harmony with nature and your own personal wellbeing.

A personal wellbeing ritual that generates inner serenity and outer beauty.
Pre-shampoo treatment
Fitoargilla funzionale
Fitoargilla funzionale

This cosmetic mask contains green clay, zeolite and herbal extracts. Purifying, detoxifying and mineralising action.

– Detoxifying
– Cooling action
– Antiseptic action
– Chelating action
– Absorbs excess sebum
– Antioxidant action
– Purifying
– Micro-circulation stimulating
– Mineralising hair
– For body treatment

Functional hair baths
Hair bath

Packed with functional active ingredients, Seremony functional hair baths work just like treatments: they cleanse the scalp without altering the hydrolipidic film and, just like hair masks, they need to be left on for a while to boost their effectiveness and amplify the benefits.

Bagni funzionali
Purifying functional bath
Bagno funzionale purificante

– Detoxifying
– Sanitising action
– Sebum normalising
– Antioxidant action
– Anti-dandruff

Balancing functional bath
Bagno funzionale riequilibrante

– Soothing action
– Cooling action
– Strengthening action
– Micro-circulation stimulating
– Anti-itch

Protein functional bath
Bagno funzionale proteico

– Full-body action
– Nourishing action
– For dry hair and scalp
– Anti-frizz effect
– Anti-age action

Hair mask
Panacea alle erbe
Panacea alle erbe

This phytoconditioning trichology mask contains vegetable oils and Serenoa and Alfalfa extracts. A nourishing, antioxidant and mineralising treatment that restructures the hair fibre, preventing split ends and tones and refreshes the scalp.

– Anti-hair loss
– Nourishing treatment
– Mineralising action
– Suitable for co-washing
– Antioxidant action
– Detangling and Conditioning action
– Micro-circulation stimulating

Resina and Linfa

A natural and effective styling product that contains Boswellia Sacra Frankincense. This complete system allows professional stylists to unleash their creativity and nourishes, defines and gives hair texture while maintaining its natural beauty.

Linfa e Resina
Linfa Modellante
Linfa modellante

– Styling fluid for straight and curly hair
– Taming effect
– Leave-in
– Detangling and Conditioning action
– It protects hair against UV rays
– It protects hair from heat source
– Anti-frizz effect
– For hair and body soothing masks

Resina Strutturante
Resina strutturante

– Matt finish
– Medium hold
– Ensures volume and full-body hair action
– Nourishing and hydrating action
– Texturizing action
– Strengthening brows action
– For nourishing body masks
– Anti-frizz beard action
– Protecting action

Resina Modellante
Resina modellante

– For hair styling
– Enhances natural curls
– Nourishing and moisturizing action
– Texturizing action
– Strengthening brows action
– For nourishing body masks
– Anti-frizz beard action
– Protecting action

Tonico, Elisir and Rugiada

Active aromatherapy lotions for hair and scalp, to boost radiance and finish the style. Multifunctional products: with refreshing, anti-ageing and hydrating properties.

Tonico, Elisir e Rugiada
Tonico Vitale
Tonico vitale

– Volumizing roots
– Full-body hair action
– Ideal for hair loss
– Micro-circulation stimulating
– Soothing action
– Lotion for aftershave
– For hair, face and body

Elisir Sublime
Elisir sublime

– Enhances hair shine
– Leave-in
– Hydrating action
– pH hair balancing
– Soothing action
– Antioxidant action
– Anti-odour action (tobacco, pollution)
– For hair, face and body

Rugiada Fissativa
Rugiada fissativa

– Fixing action
– Styling
– Medium-hold
– Strengthening action
– Hydrating
– Anti-frizz action
– Anti-age
– Drying hair progressive, ideal for creating a natural look using your hands

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Professional green shampoo
60-70% distilled water
20-30% aggressive surfactants
Silicones/thickening agents
Synthetic fragrances
Synthesised active ingredients
Organic extracts ≤ 1%
Plastic packaging
MYVEG Seremony hair bath
60-70% organic plant water (active ingredient)
Coconut and sugar beet-derived surfactants and co-surfactants
Olive oil-derived glycerin (O.P.)
Medicinal plant extracts obtained through ultrasound-assisted extraction
Whole and absolute essential oils
Fragrances from exclusive essential oil blends
Food grade preservatives
Glass packaging
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