Just as our skin has various layers, so does the Earth’s crust.

Just as chlorophyll is essential for plant life, haemoglobin is necessary for human life.

Just as plants draw nourishment from fertile soil, hair grows strong from a healthy scalp.

Nature is everything around us
and everything within us.

On observing human beings and nature, we come to realise that they are part of a single, large system:
our relationship with the world we live also affects our inner balance.

To achieve wellbeing, we need to turn to and live in perfect harmony with nature, the source of life and valuable resources.

Can a cosmetic re-establish our connection with nature?

Yes, it can, through the conscious selection of natural ingredients and pure, fresh botanical extracts: the word cosmetic derives from the Greek kosmos which means “universe and order”, hence kosmesis “to order, to adorn”.

Using vital cosmetics on our skin restores our inner order, in harmony with the external environment.

Immerse yourself in contact with nature:
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