MYVEG ACADEMY: training and culture

Knowledge is a treasure,
but practice is the key to it.
(Lao Tzu)

We see training as a fundamental tool for empowering professionals and transforming them into knowledgeable beauty consultants.

MYVEG Academy is a place for sharing and exchanging ideas, where knowledge, study and technique allow professionals to develop their talent and creativity, expand their skills and excel in business.

Our training seminars outline the MYVEG product benefits and results through a combination of practice and theory.

The MYVEG training project is specifically aimed at salons that want to specialise and stand out in order to provide each customer with a unique and exciting service, but above all accelerate their own personal and professional growth.

MYVEG Academy training courses instil professionals with passion and a thirst for knowledge: they cover and provide in-depth information on all topics relating to the culture of cosmetics with honesty and transparency.

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