We have been creating natural cosmetics for the professional haircare and hairstyle industries since 2018

MYVEG is a young company that brings together like-minded people driven by a true desire to enhance the beauty of each and every person and create wellbeing through “undiluted” functional formulas and naturopathic approaches to make a difference in the cosmetics industry.

Our thirst for knowledge and the fact that we are never satisfied with current trends, has awakened in us the need to identify ourselves in something that expresses our love for nature and that says something extremely precious and unique.

That the psyche affects the body is now certain, which is why MYVEG formulas involve every sensory organ and are packed with precious functional substances.

We believe that phytotherapy tradition and the natural remedies handed down from generation to generation are the key to harmony of body and mind. Flowers, leaves, essential oils, clay, thermal water, and medicinal plant extracts are the basis of all our treatments, and we are convinced that an entire lifetime would not be enough to gain full understanding of the fascinating plant world.

We are aware that we are part of one big system, we do not want to replace nature, but we want to learn from its intelligence and adaptability by respecting it in all phases, from the harvesting of the plant to the packaging of the cosmetic product, while opting for materials such as glass, aluminium and recycled paper.

Luxury is beauty rooted in inner wellbeing. MYVEG is the new self-care experience.


Nature and the hidden potential of the plant world are our inspiration and a heritage to be protected: our respect for the environment is reflected in our daily choices.

Every part of the production chain is a step towards sustainability: , FSC-certified paper and the MYVEG tape we use on our packaging is made with bio-based material and recycled paper.

We select raw materials suppliers that use renewable energy sources and carefully select the active ingredient extraction methods so as to reduce CO2 emissions.

For those plants that are not native to the Mediterranean basin, we choose small producers to help the locals as we believe that the cosmetics industry should create wellbeing for all and be socially responsible.

We prefer low-water formulas, to protect the planet’s resources: our formulas contain organic plant water (we recover the water naturally contained in the plant’s constituent tissue) or aloe vera juice.

We take care not only with regard to the content of the product, but also with regard to the choice of packaging: we use 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly pharmaceutical glass and aluminium containers that provide greater protection for the formulas, resulting in improved raw materials storage and a reduced use of preservatives.
MYVEG product packaging can be recycled to limit our environmental impact.

In line with European regulations and our ethics, all our products are Cruelty Free; we do not export to countries where animal testing is required.

We prefer low-water formulas: our formulas contain organic plant water.

Wellbeing rituals, with treatments which completely relax the scalp and invigorate the hair fibres.

Sensory rituals

MYVEG salons are transformed into temples of wellbeing, sensory pathways that combine movements, aromatherapy and scalp care. Regenerating rituals for body and mind that create inner serenity and outer beauty.

Hairstylists become colour alchemists: creating looks that enhance each person's unique traits through an expert use of plants, bright colours, captivating fragrances and unique emotions.

Living the MYVEG experience through the five senses, for a new dimension of self-care: sensory quality is a fundamental part of our relationship with the world. Touch, sight, smell and taste are enveloped by vibrant colours, pleasant skin-like textures, olfactory pyramids developed in line with Traditional Chinese Medicine, bringing harmony of body and mind and real benefits. When choosing our packaging we also ensure that it is eco-friendly and pleasant to use.

Exclusive wellbeing rituals with hair baths and botanical treatments which completely relax the scalp and invigorate the hair fibres when massaged in. All accompanied by a deep massage in which the stylist applies essential oils that penetrate deep into the scalp for real benefits.

You can enhance your home beauty routine too: create key moments with MYVEG cosmetics and discover another side of beauty and self-care. Draw inspiration from evocative plant fragrances that instil a sense of comfort and wellbeing.
Whether you opt to soak a nice bath or create a wonderful atmosphere by lighting a candle: the exclusive MYVEG rituals are the solution if what you want is naturalness, luxury and sustainability.

Vital cosmetics

We believe that nature provides us with the resources to create functional and effective cosmetics, without the need to alter them by adding synthetic ingredients: this can only be achieved by following seasonality, respecting balsamic periods and using expert extraction methods to release the properties and effectiveness of the plant active ingredients.

With vital cosmetics, unlike traditional “green” products, there is maximum product yield even when smaller quantities are used. This is due to the higher concentration of phytoactives, from which hair and scalp draw real and immediate benefits when used.

With MYVEG products you can create multi-functional and synergistic treatments, true beauty experiences for scalp and hair.

Rich in pure and effective ingredients, the formulas create dynamic and personalised blends to meet all customer needs.

We carefully select food-grade and O.P. grade raw materials and our products contain blends that contain the functional ingredients of different plants. The ingredients work in synergy to boost the product properties and guarantee visible, extremely natural results.

You will feel as if transported to the plant’s native habitat, as the effectiveness and vitality of the active ingredients linger on the hair, the skin and in your olfactory memory.

We believe that nature provides us with the resources, without the need to alter them by adding synthetic ingredients.

All MYVEG products are designed to be complete 360° products, both in terms of the emotion they evoke and their functionality.

Holistic wellbeing + balance

In symbiosis with Naturopathy, the MYVEG holistic vision attributes importance to all those aspects that are part of the human condition: the physical, the psychological and the emotional.

We go beyond imperfections: beauty comes from exclusive plant blends which affect different parts of the body, restoring balance and energising hair and scalp.

All MYVEG products are designed to be complete 360° products, both in terms of the emotion they evoke and their functionality.

The self-care ritual is an all-encompassing sensory experience: gentle movements, fresh plant extracts and essential oil synergies promote wellbeing while respecting both our body and the environment.

Our hot thermal water unleashes all its hydrating and antioxidant properties and transmits all the exclusive beauty benefits to the skin, creating a SPA atmosphere. It comes in precious glass bottles engraved with sacred motifs, in accordance with Masaru Emoto’s protocol, to infuse the water and those who use it with positive vibrations and restore the functional and energy balance of the scalp.

Research, development and innovation

MYVEG products combine ancient phytotherapy tradition and modern science. It is only when the two worlds meet that quality and professional results can be achieved, while respecting the natural physiology of the scalp.

The choice of raw materials and innovative know-how are essential for developing safe and effective products that maximise the potential of fresh, pure ingredients.
The methods used, dictated by modern scientific research, allow concentrated formulas to be developed that enhance the effects of natural remedies.
Although we haven’t jumped on the “green cosmetics” bandwagon, we are committed to continuous research and to the review of cutting-edge scientific literature. MYVEG collaborates with biologists, herbalists, pharmacists and holistic professionals. This generates a flow of information and drives the creation of innovative, ever more exclusive formulas.

The aim is to enhance the purity and effectiveness of the phytoactives, through the use of exclusive extraction and transformation processes carried out in accordance with O.P. (Official Pharmacopoeia) and food standards. The ultrasound-assisted extracts used to manufacture the active ingredients were produced in Italy using eco-sustainable technological solutions that provide the following benefits:

  • they use vitalised water
  • they use no chemical solvents or heat
  • they are contaminant-free
  • they are GMO-free and preservative-free
  • they come with a high titration guarantee

MYVEG collaborates with biologists, herbalists, pharmacists and holistic professionals, stimulating the creation of innovative, ever more exclusive formulas.