MYVEG ACADEMY is the place where we share with hairdressers and professional hairstylists everything about our products.


Treat your clients with a true MYVEG beauty experience.


Transform your salon in an elegant dimension full of armony.

MYVEG Academy

The training seminars combine theory and practice, demonstrating the benefits and results of MYVEG products.


MYVEG Academy
Via Tiziano 18
Guidizzolo (MN)


Tel. +39 3407559556

MYVEG Experience

From the Academy we pass on the MYVEG philosophy: giving your clients a true color ceremonial, where beauty rituals, perfumes and pleasant sensations come together in a moment of wellness, just like a SPA.

MYVEG Experience

The MYVEG experience is multi-sensorial: the products satisfy tact and smell, the environment makes sight happy.
Our partner 3HUB INTERIORS designed and built the ACADEMY MYVEG space.

MYVEG ambients

Materials inspired by the simplicity of nature and contaminated by industrial taste, bright and wide spaces to give breathing room to the ritual and let yourself be pampered by MYVEG products: everything expresses the harmony of the senses as in a SPA.

3HUB Interiors

Together with 3HUB INTERIORS we support hairstylists and beauty salons who want to renew their environment to give their customers a complete MYVEG experience.