About Us

MYVEG is the new brand of 100% made in Italy vegan products for haircare and professional hairstyle.


We bring MYVEG’s innovative know-how to the beauty salons: the power of nature and the avant-garde of Italian cosmetic research.


Because every woman deserves a color ritual that respects her natural beauty.

MYVEG Philosophy

MYVEG offers an emotional experience made of bright and shiny colors, enveloping scents and wellness rituals just like a SPA.

MYVEG products are born from the union of science, nature and style: their effectiveness derives from advanced technologies that express the potential of the raw materials used.

Emotional Experience

The emotional MYVEG experience brings beauty back to a natural dimension enhancing the personality of one’s style.

They are the apex of a new and current philosophy of beauty that is born not only from the care of the hair and the person but also from a deep respect for the environment.

For this reason the raw materials used are Italian and of certain origin and the products are in no way tested on animals.



Loveinc.Italy S.R.L.
Piazzale Buonarroti 32
Milano, IT 20145


Tel. +39 3407559556